1. Send an e-mail listing your items along with the above information
2. You will receive an invoice via e-mail from Great Scraps listing the charges.
3. Mail your check in
4. As soon as your check clears, the items will be delivered to you.

1. Send e-mail to greatscraps22@gmail.com listing the items you want along with your name, e-mail address,
     phone number and physical address. PayPal membership is not required.
2. You will shortly receive an invoice from paypal via e-mail, listing the charges.
3. You may pay by any means you wish through PayPal as directed by the invoice. If you have a pop-up blocker on
     your computer, you may have to disable it to make the payment.
4. Once payment is received by PayPal, Great Scraps will deliver the merchandise generally via US Mail.

Payment by check
Payment can easily be made through PayPal